”ニットの魔術師” Giulliano Marelli氏に推薦を受け、日本人では初めてイタリアのニットファッション雑誌「BENISSIMO」の表紙を飾る。


2015年には、リトアニア大使館主催の展示会イベント「Japan Design Week」に招待デザイナーとして参加。






Hitomi Nakamura

Knit Artist

Afater my graduation of University, I studied at Tokyo Knit Fashion Academy in Tokyo.

Followed by graduation I moved to Milano Italy.


In 2007, I received high recognition from the prominent "knit magician" Mr. Giulliano Marelli with GRIGNASCO, one of the five yarn companies in Italy.

With his recommendation, three of my designs and knitted works were published in the Italian knit fashion magazine "BENISSIMO".

One of the three made it on the front cover.

I was the first Japanese designer whose works were published in this magazine.

In 2015 my collection "Giappoknit" was born which combines Japanese traditional kimono and knit.

This represents the beauty of Japanese traditions to the world. 
​In the same year I attended the exhibition Japan Design Week sponsored by the Embassy of Japan in Vilnius, Lithuania as a guest designer.

In 2016 I held a fashion show of the collection “Giappoknit” at Salon du Japan 2016 in France.

I have been a Univesity lecturer of Sugino Fashion College and working extensively overseas as well as in Japan with exposure to TV, and give also knitting lessons.